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About us

Created by Hardware entrepreneurs for Hardware entrepreneurs.

We create agile and flexible electronic design and assembly solutions.

Electronic scaling hub
Electronic scaling hub
Electronic scaling hub
Electronic scaling hub
Electronic scaling hub
Electronic scaling hub
Electronic scaling hub
Electronic scaling hub

We solve the complex, keeping things simple.

We love scaling electronics, so as your operation grows we help you keep processes agile and easy to manage.


We have brought multiple electronic products to the market, we know the challenges and we have a highly prepared team that seeks to guide our clients to minimize the risks involved in scaling an electronic product.


Our electronic assembly infrastructure has state-of-the-art technology that integrates specialized equipment, manufacturing management software, and highly qualified personnel in electronic and quality processes.


We are a young company with presence in the United States and Colombia. We have created Sento Electronics Scaling Hub in a unique Tax Free Zone in Medellin, Colombia. This allows us to operate with logistical agility and competitive cost on a global playing field.


Sento Electronics Scaling Hub is part of the Iluma Alliance ecosystem, a business group with more than 45 years of history in the United States and Latin America.

We are dynamic.

Our solutions are agile, flexible and dynamic.

We understand the reality of the new market, which is accelerated and constantly changing.







Frequent questions

What kind of products can Sento design or produce?

Products with an electronic nature. Sento can help you with all aspects related to your product including electronic, mechanical parts and firmware.

Our main field of knowledge is related to Internet of Things (IoT) products, although we like challenges in many other applications.

If my product is in the ideation phase, can Sento help me design and scale it?

Yes! Sento has an engineering team focused on the development of scalable electronic products that can help you create your product.

What does it mean to operate from a Tax Free Zone in Colombia?

Being in a Tax Free Zone means we do not have to nationalize our raw materials.

If the final product is destined for another country other than Colombia, it means many savings in customs taxes.

If the final product is destined for Colombia, the final product must only be nationalized once it is assembled.

What is the MOQ for Sento?

We have no minimum order restrictions. We start with you from the beginning and we will be there with you until you become a star.

If my business is located in the United States or my target market is the United States, what advantages do I have when working with Sento?

  • Electronic products assembled in Colombia do not pay tariffs in the United States
  • Sento is located in the same time zone as the United States, facilitating and guaranteeing fluid communication
  • We will be a Nearshoring partner, our logistics costs and risks with the United States are limited
  • Colombia has a Free Trade Agreement with United States that provides many commercial benefits
  • We have experience in deploying electronic products in the United States, we know the Logistics, the regulations and the market

I have a product that is in the early stages of scaling and is subject to design changes, would Sento be willing to work with me?

Sento is characterized by working with products in early stages of development and scaling. We have an operating model that allows you to grow in your production volumes and simultaneously optimize your design progressively.

Does Sento carry out all the design and assembly processes with its own capacity?

No, Sento complements its internal capabilities with an ecosystem of trusted local and international allies to find the most optimal production and engineering model in terms of time, cost and quality. We implement best practices like NDAs and partners audits to reduce operations and IP risks.

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