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Assembly of delivery robots

What did we do?

Kiwibot is a robot revolutionizing last-mile delivery on campuses in the United States. It is a device that integrates Artificial Intelligence, IoT, analytics, autonomy and state-of-the-art mechanics to achieve a unique experience in the interaction of people with these adorable robots.

our value

At Sento we assemble the kiwibots through an agile model that incorporates process standardization, quality assurance, traceability and inventory control, which guarantee a finished product with the best quality levels and a short time to market. Teamwork and close and permanent communication with the client have been key to guaranteeing optimal results in the evolution of the processes.

CO2 – Temperature & Humidity Wireless Sensor

Wireless sensor for measuring carbon dioxide levels, temperature and humidity in chicken farms

What did we do?

Monitoring physical parameters is critical to determine the comfort level of chickens in farms and prevent conditions that favor the development of diseases.

This sensor allows critical environmental parameters to be measured in real time for the operation of farms with wireless transmission through WiFi or LoRa protocol, with ranges of up to 300 meters.

our value

At Sento we have integrated robust, low power and long-range communication technologies to have a product that is easy to deploy and with low infrastructure costs.


Artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning for agritech

What did we do?

We developed a device that uses IoT, computer vision and analytics to calculate the weight of pigs using only a camera.

It allows protein producers to control the weight of their pigs on a daily basis more quickly, efficiently and accurately. It eliminates the stress that can often affect animals during the traditional weighing process and later lead to health complications or even death.

our value

Pigvision is a highly innovative product because it is the first of its kind to integrate image processing in livestock environments. This required an intense development, prototype and scaling process. It is a device with high processing capacity and a robust mechanical design capable of withstanding harsh environments that incorporates complex encapsulation and heat dissipation systems.


Wireless scale to determine the weight of chicken flocks in real time

What did we do?

We developed a wireless scale that combines analytics and hardware to determine the weight of chicken batches in real time, automatically without human intervention.

It analyzes each house in detail and generates deeper knowledge of the performance of the farm. Smartweight enables a 50-times improvement in the accuracy of the average weight of a farm’s stock.

our value

A mechanical masterpiece that successfully integrates a complex set of components. It has been quite a challenge to get accurate measurements considering the continuous contact with the birds and the fact that they do not stay still!

Intake Health

Monitoring hydration levels to improve performance!

What did we do?

Sento responded quickly to Intake Health’s urgent need back in April 2022 to produce a small wellness device to monitor athletes’ hydration levels via noninvasive urine checking. Urgency was key because the product needed to be shipped to Intake Health well before the start of football season in late August 2022.

our value

We had the production rolling in the factory in no-time and we supported the team of Intake Health wherever possible:

We collected components from their doorstep, we sourced components on their behalf, provided them with design for manufacturing suggestions, engineered a new piece, international logistics, manufacturing, inventory management and quality testing & control.

By offering the possibility to produce small to medium production batch sizes, we were able to support Intake Health in its cashflow and on top of that, it offered quicker iterations between builds which resulted in a better product in less time.