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Peak performance and optimal health are crucial for athletes to excel in sports. Meeting these demands requires innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology, and this is where Intake Health and Sento come together, forming a powerful partnership that revolutionizes athlete performance and wellness. Through this blog post, we will explore the collaboration between Intake Health and Sento, diving into Sento’s approach, value, and how it has contributed to Intake Health’s success.

Intake Health’s Mission and Impact

Intake Health aims to enhance athlete performance and well-being through advanced technologies and data-driven insights. The company delivers valuable information to athletes and coaches by monitoring hydration levels and providing non-invasive urine checking. This approach enables them to make informed decisions about hydration strategies, ultimately improving performance and minimizing the risk of dehydration-related injuries.


A Reliable Partner in Innovation

As Intake Health embarked on its journey to bring its wellness device to life, it needed a partner who could meet its urgent timelines and deliver high-quality products. Sento quickly responded to the call, offering its agile electronic design and assembly services expertise. From sourcing and logistics to manufacturing and quality control, we supported Intake Health at every step.

Sento’s Approach and Value

Sento focuses on agility, efficiency, and optimization as its primary approach. We specialize in bringing new electronic products to life, scaling businesses, and reducing the complexities and risks involved in product development. Sento ensures faster time-to-market and cost-effective solutions by offering personalized processes and engineering optimizations. Our ability to deliver small to medium production batch sizes also helps businesses like Intake Health manage their cash flow and achieve quicker iterations for improved products in less time.

The Intake Health and Sento Collaboration

The collaboration between Intake Health and Sento has been vital to the success of Intake Health’s wellness device. Sento was crucial, from component collection and sourcing to design for manufacturing suggestions and engineering new pieces. This partnership enabled Intake Health to focus on its core expertise while relying on Sento’s technical prowess and efficient processes.

The Results and Testimonials

Michael Bender, CEO and co-founder of Intake Health, regarded Sento as an exceptional partner, understanding the challenges faced by start-ups and providing quick and agile responses. The seamless integration of our collaborators into the Intake Health team has fueled their success and created a strong bond between the two companies.

The partnership between Intake Health and Sento showcases the power of collaboration in driving innovation and revolutionizing athlete performance and wellness. Through Sento’s agile approach, Intake Health successfully brought its wellness device to the market, supporting athletes in optimizing their hydration levels. We significantly impact the sports industry, ensuring athletes have the tools and insights to achieve their best performance. 

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